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Miranda: A Love Story (part the third)

(last posted 7/2/06)

I think I have loved Miranda since the moment I first saw through her. My name is Dust. This is the story of life, and death - of passion and consequence. It is, perhaps, a cautionary tale... but above all, this is a love story.


Many hours I spent in the yard, painting the landscape of her grave. I came to know every stone, every fissure. I knew each curve of every flower that grew in the plot that blanketed her.

Each night she rose, and each night we spoke. I set a place for her at my table, and she mimed the motions of eating though she could take no sustenance. She became my only thought, my every thought, my obsession. My Miranda...

And each morning, she crumbled again to the dust of the grave - her spirit taken by the specter of death. I felt the shadow of death over her grave, his dark gaze upon me, every day. At first I dared not look, but I grew bold in my madness.

One morning, I hid behind the trees and stole a glimpse. Death stood over my pale, crumbling love... in his hand the sacred book, the book of the dead. This was the book which held the names of all deceased... if I could get him to erase her name from its terrible pages, perhaps my Miranda would return alive...

Summoning my strength, I stood and breathed deep. Were things to go wrong, this could be my last breath... I savored it.

Not Fearing the Reaper...

Reaper: Who are you, pale boy, who dares to kneel before Death?
Dust: I am Dust, as insignificant as my name. But my love for this woman is great, and pure. I beg of you, release her from your grasp....

Reaper: Be careful what you wish for, pale boy. For Dust you are named, and to dust shall you return. Do you really wish to tempt your mortal fate for this woman?
Dust: I do...

Reaper: Then reach out and touch the hand of Death....


The blue spark of animation, the essence of soul, leapt between his bony fingers and my outstretched hands. Shocked, I pulled back...

The sun was setting, and Miranda was rising. Not as a ghost this time, but corporeal flesh. How my heart raced with the thought of holding her at last in my arms...

"Come forth," I heard the Reaper beckon, and forth she came from the earth, gasping as she drew breath. "You have made your bargain," he said to me before fading away. I did not know then what bargain I had made, but I thought no price would ever be too great. I had my Miranda...

But wait...what... what is this? What's happening.... the leaves on the trees are falling....and Miranda is reaching for me... her face... her flesh... her skin.... Noooooooo!

(to be continued...)

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