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Nov. 28th, 2007

if you made this, come yell at me


Bon Voyage

Boy, I hope this place hasn't died, since I finally got a computer that'll run The Sims 2 plus all the expansion packs!  For all you guys who have Bon Voyage:  Which sims from Pleasantview did you send on vacation, where did they go, and how did they enjoy it? 

I chose to send the Goths(by Goths I mean Mortimer, his wife Dina, and Cassandra.  Mortimer didn't want Alexander to fall behind in school, so he stayed home.  I don't know, it sounded like something Mortimer would do) first, and it's probably a good thing I did because it wound up being really expensive.  Luckily Mortimer's fortune could handle the financial blows from the five days in the Far East.  I've heard that they can camp out for free, but I don't think they have something like that in every location?  Overall, I kept getting messages from all three of them saying that they loved the vacation and couldn't wait to come back.  They bought so much crap: clothes, souvenirs, food, and Mortimer learned how to give an acupuncture massage. 

Next I think I'll send Mary-Sue Pleasant away, since she finally caught Daniel cheating (I was so careful!) on her and needs a break. 

How about you guys?  What've you all been up to with Bon Voyage?  Oh, and does anyone know why you can't give your sims jewelry when you change their appearance in a mirror? 

Cheers, and again, I hope this place hasn't died.  :-/  I'd have pictures of my sims, but I don't have the Internet on my new computer yet (using the old one now). 

Jun. 30th, 2007



Bon Voyage Expantion Pack News

Information on the next expantion pack is now available here. Looks like the release date is Sept 5th.

From the pictures it looks like they are having a camping type locale, a beachside resort, and an Asian inspired location. Also it looks like they have square dancing or line dancing, tai chi, and hula dancing as a group activity. It looks very neat.

I will try to keep everyone updated as information becames available.

Yes, I redid the ticker. This one is much better.

Cross-posted in my_strangetown, my_veronaville, and my_riverblossom.

Mar. 14th, 2007


New Member ^ ^

I made a big make over at the neighborhood coz I got tired of their looks. So far, these are the results :

Jan. 28th, 2007



Riverblossom Hills

With the new expansion, Sims 2 Seasons, there is a new neighborhood called Riverblossom Hills. So in keeping with the My_Neighborhood theme, I have created my_riverblossom for all happenings related to the new neighborhood.

I have a query if this LJ layout is working for everyone, although most of you probably just view it from your friend's pages. Let me know if the image lines up, if you can read everything.

Also, below are some links I copied from The Sims 2 about the new expansion.


The Sims Resource

It's in Italian but she has some really great pictures and videos.

MySpace TS2 Group


Sims Suisse
It's in French but he took a lot of great screenshots & put together a short video.

It's in German - but be sure to click the links for each sub-section of the review to see all pictures.

die Sims 2 (official German TS2 site)
Also in German, but worth the babelfish translation

The Sims 2 UK (official UK TS2 site)

Sim Parool
It's in Dutch, but worth translating - also check out their photo gallery from the event.

If you are interested in a rough translation of any reviews, you might also want to go to http://babelfish.altavista.com/

Cross posted to: my_strangetown and my_veronaville.

Jan. 14th, 2007




Hey, preorder for Sims 2 Seasons is up on Amazon. You can view that here.

Also, just because I can:

Cross Posted to my_strangetown and my_veronaville.

Also, the information page for this community has been updated including some new rules. Please take a moment to read over them.

Oct. 22nd, 2006



Everyone Loves Kittens

So I got the Goth's a black cat that I named Casper.

The Broke's have a couple of dogs that are of the mutt variety.

And Lucy Burb has a wombat.

What other families should have pets? And what did you give your Pleasantview residents?

Sep. 24th, 2006



Crazy Cat Lady

So every nieghborhood needs a crazy cat lady and I was trying to think of who in Pleasantview would qualify.

There is Coral Oldie... But she is married so that might not work.

Nina Caliente could be jilted by Don and become a crazy cat lady, what do you think?

Sep. 7th, 2006



Countdown to Pets!

Sep. 3rd, 2006



Those Crazy Sims

So I was playing Pleasantview and the in the Caliente residence. Nina was by herself since Dina moved into the Goth residence as the new Mrs. Goth. First I checked Nina's LTW and it was to marry of six childred... A romance sim with a LTW to marry of six kids... Ok, well, she can have six kids easy, she wants to woo hoo enough...

Then she gets a call while skilling from Don Lothario, the newly wed husband of Cassandra Goth, and he wants to know if she would like to go down town. Ok, sweet, maybe they can woohoo in the photo booth and Nina can get started on makin' those six kids. Well I choose to go to the Crypt O' the Night club and the taxi-van drops off Nina and Don, but then Dina, Kaylynn, and Cassandra get out of the van. Oh crap.

So I try to get them to do things together but I have to have Nina run to the bathroom before she pisses herself. She's about to get everyone seated when Don flirts with his wife. Nina, Dina, and Kaylynn all flip out and take turns slapping Don. I end the group outing thinking that it's going to be a disaster but I get a message that Don had a really good time. Ok, well if he's into that kind of thing...


Jul. 15th, 2006



Miranda: A Love Story (part the third)

(last posted 7/2/06)

I think I have loved Miranda since the moment I first saw through her. My name is Dust. This is the story of life, and death - of passion and consequence. It is, perhaps, a cautionary tale... but above all, this is a love story.

Your soul was willing...Collapse )

Missed installments? Click here for the whole story.

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