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if you made this, come yell at me

ikat_fabric in my_pleasantview

Bon Voyage

Boy, I hope this place hasn't died, since I finally got a computer that'll run The Sims 2 plus all the expansion packs!  For all you guys who have Bon Voyage:  Which sims from Pleasantview did you send on vacation, where did they go, and how did they enjoy it? 

I chose to send the Goths(by Goths I mean Mortimer, his wife Dina, and Cassandra.  Mortimer didn't want Alexander to fall behind in school, so he stayed home.  I don't know, it sounded like something Mortimer would do) first, and it's probably a good thing I did because it wound up being really expensive.  Luckily Mortimer's fortune could handle the financial blows from the five days in the Far East.  I've heard that they can camp out for free, but I don't think they have something like that in every location?  Overall, I kept getting messages from all three of them saying that they loved the vacation and couldn't wait to come back.  They bought so much crap: clothes, souvenirs, food, and Mortimer learned how to give an acupuncture massage. 

Next I think I'll send Mary-Sue Pleasant away, since she finally caught Daniel cheating (I was so careful!) on her and needs a break. 

How about you guys?  What've you all been up to with Bon Voyage?  Oh, and does anyone know why you can't give your sims jewelry when you change their appearance in a mirror? 

Cheers, and again, I hope this place hasn't died.  :-/  I'd have pictures of my sims, but I don't have the Internet on my new computer yet (using the old one now). 


Not to get off the topic of Pleasantview, but...

Did you leave that...uhm...plant lady in Riverblossom Hills and her daughter a plant? I can't remember her name because I only ever played her once. Plants just weren't fun to play. I was going to buy that Plantphonic C or whatever it's called but never got around to it.
Yea, I left her a plant. Infact, I have plans to infest the whole neighborhood with plant sims.
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November 2007

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